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How Driving While Tired Can Make You a Car Accident Victim

Imagine this scenario: You just got off work and are driving through the downtown area. As you are driving, you suddenly lose consciousness before jerking awake and regaining control of the steering wheel. Thankfully, no other motorist was affected by your actions. As drastic and scary as this sounds, it is an unfortunate and surreal reality that often has tragic consequences instead of happy endings.

Drowsy drivers cause many Las Vegas area car accidents. Motorists are not fully alert or conscious of their actions enough to avoid accident-causing hazards. To keep the above scenario from occurring and having disastrous or even fatal results, consider the following pointers on driving while drowsy:

Drowsiness kills

The road is a fast-paced environment where split-second decisions are made and can have tragically devastating results. Sleepy motorists lose precious time where they could be reacting and defensively navigating through traffic instead of frequently yawning, blinking profusely, nodding off and falling asleep at the wheel. They are unable to avoid collision hazards and crash into another vehicle, building or pedestrian, or their vehicle goes through a guardrail and falls off the side of the road, risking severe injuries and death.

Drowsy driving is very preventable

You, like most people, have a busy life and have gotten used to functioning off six or fewer hours of sleep each night. Driving has become such an autonomous physical response that many individuals believe that the driver’s seat is a safe and appropriate place to relax and sleep. The dangers and risk of tragic consequences increase when the hours of sleep a person gets diminishes.

Regardless of how busy you are, you can always use other safe and appropriate tactics to catch up on sleep instead while you are in the driver’s seat. Start off by going to bed earlier, taking naps throughout the day, taking breaks, stretching, drinking caffeinated beverages and using other modes of transportation to avoid causing car accidents and hurting or killing yourself or others.

Key Facts For Ride-Share Passengers After An Auto Accident

The process following an auto accident may feel quite confusing. This is especially true in instances where passengers sustain an injury while using a ride-share service.

A few factors contribute to determining the best way to seek compensation, and these may aid you in your accident claim for your ride-share incident.


Determining liability is essential to pinpointing the way forward when filing an insurance claim. Nevada personal injury law entitles you to full damages in an accident, whether the ride-share driver or other driver is at fault. However, you must know and have proof of who caused the accident. Also, in cases where the ride-share driver is at fault, it is essential to understand how he or she caused the accident. If it is due to distraction or other self-regulated issues, the ride-share company may try to deny responsibility.

Number of passengers

If other passengers are in the car with you when the accident occurs, all of you are entitled to equal compensation for damages. Therefore, you would all divide the payout for a claim between you. However, in cases where multiple insurance companies are involved, it may still be possible for multiple passengers to receive full coverage for their injuries.


With Nevada being a large tourist area, many passengers are national and international tourists. If you are a U.S. resident, you may seek medical attention in your home state and still receive full compensation for your damages. If you are an international traveler, you may receive medical attention at home as well, but seeking reimbursement for medical bills from outside the country may prove difficult. However, you can typically track any treatment you receive within the U.S. and receive compensation for it.

By understanding these facts, you can determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Other elements may contribute to a claim as well. You may benefit from a full review of the state’s accident laws.

Why You Should Seek Medical Care After a Car Accident

If you ever end up in a car accident in the Las Vegas area, you should seek out medical attention right away. It does not matter if you are merely visiting or a local resident, some car accidents cause injuries that develop after the incident is over. Though you might feel sore and bruised afterward, you might not have any serious symptoms at first.

Here is why you should always seek medical care immediately after a crash.

Treatment minimizes risk of serious complications

If you choose to go on about your business instead of visiting the local hospital emergency department or visiting your primary care physician, you risk your health. Some car accident injuries can show up hours, days and months later. For example, internal hemorrhaging could lead to life-threatening complications. A brain injury that goes undetected for too long could cause swelling and pressure that causes more damage, and this can often lead to permanent disability.

A follow-up appointment can help with recovery

Scheduling a follow-up important is necessary, too. Even if your injuries were treated at the scene or right after the accident, some signs of trauma might not show up until later, like whiplash and a traumatic brain injury. Your health care provider can assess your mental and physical states to determine if your injuries are responding to treatment as they should, as well as uncover health problems that went undiagnosed during your initial exam. Do not play the role of doctor yourself or rely on the internet to diagnose any pain and discomfort you experience.

In addition to getting proper medical care, you should give yourself time to recover and avoid overexerting yourself, no matter how well you feel. If you end up with property damage serious injuries after a car accident, you might want to speak with an attorney to learn how you might qualify for compensation.

A Distracted Truck Driver is Heading For a Rear-End Accident

People in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, probably recognize that any distracted driver poses a hazard on the roads. However, a distracted truck driver in particular makes traveling more dangerous for everyone around that large truck.

Part of the reason distracted driving is particularly dangerous for a trucker to engage in is that, as a matter of science, it simply takes longer to bring a truck to a complete stop. For instance, assuming a highway speed of 65 miles per hour, a trucker who applies the brakes will travel on average 454 feet, 209 feet more than an average car.

However, it is important to remember that these distances only account for the time after a motorist applies the brakes. A fully attentive motorist is going to travel another 45 feet or so before they even make that decision that they need to brake and then move their foot on to the brake pedal and press.

What this means in practice is that while a driver of a car might be able to make up for a delayed reaction that is, for example, due to taking one’s eyes off the road for a second, a trucker is going to have a hard time stopping for an upcoming vehicle or other hazard even if the driver gives up a foot or two of reaction distance because of fatigue, drunkenness, a distraction or just plain inattentiveness. Truckers simply cannot spare that extra distance when they require so much more space to stop.

Even the least bit of inattentive driving can lead to serious trucking accidents, and these are accidents truck drivers themselves are in the best position to prevent. If someone in Las Vegas gets hurt by a distracted or inattentive truck driver, he or she may be entitled to receive compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

Truck Drivers, Companies Can Prevent Jackknifes

Any vehicle is prone to jackknifing to some degree, a jackknife is, after all, the end result of a skid, or a situation in which a vehicle’s tires are no longer gripping but instead sliding across the road. Still, jackknifes are most pronounced, and obvious, in trucks, as they mean the trailer of the truck will head in one direction while the cab will continue along in the original direction of the vehicle.

A heavy trailer swinging out of its lane of traffic no doubt has the potential to hit other cars, sweeping them off of the road. The drivers and passengers of these cars are at risk for a serious injury, as the weight of the truck leaves them vulnerable.

Although they might try to pass it off as a fact that of life that trucks skid from time to time, jackknifing is in fact preventable, meaning Las Vegas, Nevada residents who do get hurt in a jackknife can look to the truck driver and the transportation company for compensation.

More specifically, a driver can stop a jackknife from happening simply by traveling at the proper speed and practicing careful braking techniques. A rapid stop can cause a jackknife, especially if a driver attempts one on a curve or hill. A slick road can also cause a jackknife if a trucker does not anticipate the need for extra stopping distance and tries to brake too hard as a result.

Although not always the driver’s fault, a load that is not correctly distributed can also make a truck more prone to jackknifing. While it is ideal to have a full truck, when that is not possible, it is even more important to make sure the trailer is properly packed.

A truck driver and company can prevent trucking accidents caused by jackknifing simply by taking a few precautionary steps. A victim of a jackknifing accident should therefore consider filing a personal injury suit in order to collect compensation for his or her losses.

One Teen Dies, Another Severely Injured After Pedestrian Crash

A 14-year-old Las Vegas boy died after getting hit by a passing motorist while they were walking through an intersection in the are area. His companion, who was also 14, was taken to the hospital with critical injuries after the accident. The boy who died was also initially taken to the hospital, but rescuers were not able to save him.

According to police, a young man who was driving a passenger car came up from behind the boys and ran them over. When they arrived, police shut down the intersection in order to investigate, a process that took them many hours to complete. While the investigation will no doubt continue in to the upcoming weeks, there was some suggestion that weather may have played a role in the accident.

For his part, the driver who hit the boys stayed at the scene of the accident until authorities arrived. He did answer questions and provide help to the police in their investigation.

Nevada drivers have a duty to be on the lookout for pedestrians, and this is especially true if weather is making it hard for motorists to see the road in front of them. When there are less than ideal weather conditions, it is incumbent upon drivers to slow down, especially in an intersection, and take extra care to watch both for other cars and pedestrians. Not doing so can lead to serious car accidents like the one described here.

In this sad case, a local family has been left without their teenage son. Another family will likely face ongoing expenses and emotional pain and suffering as they help their son recover from this accident. Both families may want to consider pursuing compensation from the driver who hit their boys.

Source: KVVU-TV, “Teen killed in north Las Vegas auto-pedestrian crash identified,” Lesha Ruffin et al, Jan. 10, 2018

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