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Truck Drivers, Companies Can Prevent Jackknifes

Any vehicle is prone to jackknifing to some degree, a jackknife is, after all, the end result of a skid, or a situation in which a vehicle’s tires are no longer gripping but instead sliding across the road. Still, jackknifes are most pronounced, and obvious, in trucks, as they mean the trailer of the truck will head in one direction while the cab will continue along in the original direction of the vehicle.

A heavy trailer swinging out of its lane of traffic no doubt has the potential to hit other cars, sweeping them off of the road. The drivers and passengers of these cars are at risk for a serious injury, as the weight of the truck leaves them vulnerable.

Although they might try to pass it off as a fact that of life that trucks skid from time to time, jackknifing is in fact preventable, meaning Las Vegas, Nevada residents who do get hurt in a jackknife can look to the truck driver and the transportation company for compensation.

More specifically, a driver can stop a jackknife from happening simply by traveling at the proper speed and practicing careful braking techniques. A rapid stop can cause a jackknife, especially if a driver attempts one on a curve or hill. A slick road can also cause a jackknife if a trucker does not anticipate the need for extra stopping distance and tries to brake too hard as a result.

Although not always the driver’s fault, a load that is not correctly distributed can also make a truck more prone to jackknifing. While it is ideal to have a full truck, when that is not possible, it is even more important to make sure the trailer is properly packed.

A truck driver and company can prevent trucking accidents caused by jackknifing simply by taking a few precautionary steps. A victim of a jackknifing accident should therefore consider filing a personal injury suit in order to collect compensation for his or her losses.