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Key Facts For Ride-Share Passengers After An Auto Accident

The process following an auto accident may feel quite confusing. This is especially true in instances where passengers sustain an injury while using a ride-share service.

A few factors contribute to determining the best way to seek compensation, and these may aid you in your accident claim for your ride-share incident.


Determining liability is essential to pinpointing the way forward when filing an insurance claim. Nevada personal injury law entitles you to full damages in an accident, whether the ride-share driver or other driver is at fault. However, you must know and have proof of who caused the accident. Also, in cases where the ride-share driver is at fault, it is essential to understand how he or she caused the accident. If it is due to distraction or other self-regulated issues, the ride-share company may try to deny responsibility.

Number of passengers

If other passengers are in the car with you when the accident occurs, all of you are entitled to equal compensation for damages. Therefore, you would all divide the payout for a claim between you. However, in cases where multiple insurance companies are involved, it may still be possible for multiple passengers to receive full coverage for their injuries.


With Nevada being a large tourist area, many passengers are national and international tourists. If you are a U.S. resident, you may seek medical attention in your home state and still receive full compensation for your damages. If you are an international traveler, you may receive medical attention at home as well, but seeking reimbursement for medical bills from outside the country may prove difficult. However, you can typically track any treatment you receive within the U.S. and receive compensation for it.

By understanding these facts, you can determine the best course of action for your circumstances. Other elements may contribute to a claim as well. You may benefit from a full review of the state’s accident laws.