Gerard Butler Can Attest to the Horror of a Motorcycle Crash

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows how vulnerable he or she is to a crash. All sorts of injuries can result, including some you probably have not considered.

Actor Gerard Butler can tell you how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be. Along with other survivors, he sees life in a new light and counts his blessings.

What happened

In the fall of 2017, Gerard Butler was riding his motorcycle when a woman pulled out of a parking spot at the side of the road and made a U-turn directly in front of him. He had no choice but to slam into her car, and the impact sent him flying. He said he did a somersault before hitting the ground and remarked that it “hurt a bit.”

About injuries

The actor sustained cuts, bruises, a torn meniscus and five broken bones in his right foot. The foot is one of those body parts you may not think about in terms of motorcycle accident injuries, but often the lower limbs become trapped under a heavy bike when it goes down. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common injuries in a vehicle-motorcycle collision occur to the rider’s feet and legs. The CDC recommends that motorcyclists wear boots that go above the ankle and long pants that help to prevent road rash. The CDC also notes that the neck and head are the next most common locations for injury, followed by the chest, back and shoulders.

Feeling lucky

Butler reflected on his motorcycle accident, confirming that he was lucky to be alive. He said the experience made him appreciate “how precious life is,” a sentiment that other accident survivors no doubt understand. Many times, the motorcyclist is the victim of a collision. If you find yourself in this position, seek prompt medical care, then explore your legal options. Your injuries may be considerable, and you have a right to expect financial compensation to cover your medical expenses and more. Butler has learned how horrible a motorcycle accident can be—but try not to follow his lead.

Common Types of Collisions Motorcyclists May End Up In

Riding your motorcycle may be one of life’s grandest pleasures. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous. Every time you ride out, you are at risk of colliding with cars, trucks and other objects. Not all motor vehicle accidents in Nevada that involve motorcyclists are the result of rider error. Passenger and commercial vehicle operator negligence, error, recklessness and distraction cause many accidents.

The streets are not always as safe as they should be. Before you take to the roads, be sure to learn about the common types of collisions you may encounter when you are out riding.

Head-on crashes

You are at a particularly high risk of serious injury and death from a head-on crash when motorists drive while impaired. Drunk and inattentive passenger and commercial vehicle operators are more likely to veer from their lanes while they are turning and hit motorcyclists that are also turning from opposite lanes in head-on collisions.

Sideswipe accidents

Many motorists do not take into consideration there may be motorcyclists on the side of them when they are in traffic. This ignorance is often the result of not fully checking their mirrors and their blind spots. When passenger and commercial vehicle drivers merge or change lanes when riders are next to them, they risk clipping or sideswiping them. You are also in danger of a sideswipe collision from a motorist who drifts into your lane.

Rear-end collisions

Some drivers are in the habit of driving too close behind motorcyclists and other vehicles. This does not give them enough time to stop if you must make a sudden stop. Drivers who tailgate motorcyclists often end up rear-ending them.

You cannot predict the likelihood of becoming involved in accidents. But you can take measures to minimize your risk of injury by wearing safety gear, following traffic laws and paying attention to motorists. If you suffer an injury caused by a vehicle while you are out riding your motorcycle, consider speaking with an attorney to learn your options.

“Duty” and “Breach” in Nevada Motorcycle Accidents

A previous post here discussed the idea of negligence in the context of automobile accidents. Of course, negligence legal theory is used in many personal injury cases, no matter the cause. One type of situation in which a negligence case may be brought is after a motorcycle accident. Since the area around Las Vegas is prime motorcycle territory, having a basic understanding of negligence may be helpful for those residents who like to ride.

Readers may remember that we went through the major parts, or “elements,” of a negligence case previously. To refresh, these are: duty, breach, cause-in-fact, proximate cause and damages. This week, let’s take a short look at the first two of these elements: duty and breach.

It stands to reason that in order to be held legally responsible for something, in most cases the responsible party must actually have been at fault for doing or not doing something. Legally, this is determined by looking at whether an individual was legally required to act or not act in a certain way. That is, did he or she have a legal duty to behave in some manner? When it comes to motorcycle accidents, this usually boils down to the fact that all who use the roadways have to exercise a certain reasonable standard of care. In other words, since a reasonable person would know that, say, failing to stop at a red traffic signal might put others in danger, anyone who fails to so may be said to have breached his or her legal duty to exercise reasonable care.

Of course, not every negligence case is going to be so cut-and-dried. There may be times when a driver breaches a legal duty even if he or she has not technically violated a law or regulation. This often happens in bad weather, when a person fails to exercise reasonable care based on the circumstances, even though the same behavior under different conditions may be acceptable. Those who have been injured in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident may wish to consider how to protect their legal right to compensation.

We Pursue Justice for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Many folks in Nevada know that when it comes to the various modes of transportation, nothing beats motorcycles for combining speed and fresh air. Motorcycles can be both a fast and efficient method of getting from point A to point B and back again. Unfortunately, some people have suffered serious and even fatal injuries while riding motorcycles.

We discussed one of these cases here last week. Reports indicated that an SUV driver turned in front of a motorcycle rider, knocking the motorcyclist to the ground. The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead. The SUV driver was uninjured in the accident.

Inattentive drivers of larger vehicles can wreak havoc on motorcyclists throughout the Las Vegas area. Many drivers will insist they did not see a motorcycle despite the motorcyclist’s not speeding and otherwise obeying the traffic laws. Sadly, many drivers do not take the time to keep a proper lookout for motorcyclists.

Left-turn accidents – where a motorist executing a left turn collides with a motorcyclist – are one of the commonest sources of injury for motorcyclists. These accidents are often the result of a lack of attention on the part of the turning motorist.

The attorneys at Dimopoulos Law Firm are here to advise motorcycle accident victims – and their families – in their pursuit of justice. Our attorneys will investigate causes and contributing factors of our clients’ motorcycle accidents. It’s all a part of our quest to get adequate compensation for our clients’ injuries at the hands of negligent motorists. Our motorcycle accident page has more information on the services we offer to motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Motorcycle Accident Kills Las Vegas Man

Las Vegas has its share of attractions for both residents and visitors. From the glitz of ‘the strip’ to the natural beauty of the surrounding desert and mountains, there’s a little something for everyone. Many people in Vegas ride motorcycles, enjoying the freedom of flat highways and the view of neon cityscape and pristine vista alike. Unfortunately, motorcycles can be dangerous vehicles for riders, with little protection between them and the bare roadway, save a helmet and whatever clothing the individual decides to wear.

For example, one unlucky rider was killed while riding his bike recently in the Northeast Valley area. The 28-year-old man was driving his motorcycle on Christy Lane, when an SUV turned left in front of him from Lake Mead Boulevard. The motorcycle struck the SUV and the rider was thrown onto the road. After being transported to a local hospital, the unfortunate motorcyclist was pronounced dead. The 75-year-old driver of the SUV had no reported injuries.

In a crash between an SUV and a motorcycle, the laws of physics dictate one obvious winner, and it is not the motorcycle. The size and weight of an SUV, coupled with the lack of protection for the motorcycle driver, makes serious injury for the cyclist almost inevitable. Unfortunately, in too many cases, this can lead to a loss of life.

Those Las Vegas residents who have lost a loved one in a sudden accident understand the terrible effect it can have on a family. From lost wages contributed to the household to the emotional void left by the absence of a beloved family member, such incidents wreak a permanent change on those affected. While there is no way to restore the life of a loved one, it is possible that the burden on the families of those killed by the negligence of others in a motorcycle accident can be somewhat lessened by the possibility of legal compensation.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Motorcyclist killed in crash with SUV,” Jesse Granger, Sept. 18, 2017

How Accident Investigations Can Help in Motorcycle Accident Cases

It generally goes without saying that riding a motorcycle is a dangerous activity. Indeed, the exhilaration that comes with quick acceleration and the freedom of being on two wheels can be addicting. But unlike the rush people get from driving a sports car, there is no protective cage surrounding a motorcycle rider.

So when a motorcyclist is involved in a crash with a car, the results could be deadly.

Such was the case of a man who reportedly crashed into a car in the West Las Vegas Valley. According to several media reports, the accident occurred at the intersection of West Flamingo Road and South El Capitan Way. Authorities report that the motorcycle rider was travelling westbound on Flamingo Road when he struck another vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

It was not reported whether the rider was wearing a helmet or whether the driver of the car was at fault. But the story exemplifies the need to conduct thorough investigations.

Comprehensive inquiries are critical in motorcycle accident cases because of the widely held, yet commonly incorrect notion that riders are usually at fault. If a case goes to trial, some jurors may simply assume that the rider was not following the law. This is because of mainstream images of riders being rebels and daredevils who care more about dangerous tricks and their “bad boy” image.

As such, a thorough investigation can help in unearthing facts that could help a motorcycle crash victim, including whether the driver of a car was negligent, as well as moving past the notion that the rider was at fault.

The preceding is not intended to be legal advice.

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