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One Teen Dies, Another Severely Injured After Pedestrian Crash

A 14-year-old Las Vegas boy died after getting hit by a passing motorist while they were walking through an intersection in the are area. His companion, who was also 14, was taken to the hospital with critical injuries after the accident. The boy who died was also initially taken to the hospital, but rescuers were not able to save him.

According to police, a young man who was driving a passenger car came up from behind the boys and ran them over. When they arrived, police shut down the intersection in order to investigate, a process that took them many hours to complete. While the investigation will no doubt continue in to the upcoming weeks, there was some suggestion that weather may have played a role in the accident.

For his part, the driver who hit the boys stayed at the scene of the accident until authorities arrived. He did answer questions and provide help to the police in their investigation.

Nevada drivers have a duty to be on the lookout for pedestrians, and this is especially true if weather is making it hard for motorists to see the road in front of them. When there are less than ideal weather conditions, it is incumbent upon drivers to slow down, especially in an intersection, and take extra care to watch both for other cars and pedestrians. Not doing so can lead to serious car accidents like the one described here.

In this sad case, a local family has been left without their teenage son. Another family will likely face ongoing expenses and emotional pain and suffering as they help their son recover from this accident. Both families may want to consider pursuing compensation from the driver who hit their boys.

Source: KVVU-TV, “Teen killed in north Las Vegas auto-pedestrian crash identified,” Lesha Ruffin et al, Jan. 10, 2018