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Phone Addiction as it Relates to Car Accidents

Smartphones have substantially changed people’s lives. It is hard to drive around Las Vegas without seeing at least a few drivers looking at their phones while stopped at a red light. However, it is vital to put the phone down to avoid dangerous traffic collisions. Unfortunately, that endeavor becomes much harder when dealing with a person suffering from phone addiction.

Recent research has shown just how dependent some people have become on their phones. 76.5% of participants in the study self-reported that they have become “addicted” to their phones. 62% of participants checked their cell phones at least 160 times a day. The scary part of this study is how half of the participants said they looked at their phones while driving. It is a scary figure, and drivers need to combat this addiction so everyone can share the road safely.

Looking at smartphones results in a greater number of crashes

There are many ways for drivers to become distracted while driving. However, particular attention has gone toward how often people look at their phones while driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that thousands of car accidents happen every year as a result of people looking away from the road to deal with something else in the car. People who cannot help but look at their phones when they receive a notification are at greater risk, so they need to be more proactive about staying safe.

Avoiding car accidents in Las Vegas

There are methods for phone addicts to drive better. There are various apps they can download onto their phones that lock the devices once cars start to travel over a certain speed. Addicts may also want to consider putting the phone in the glove compartment before taking off so they do not feel tempted. With everyone working together, Las Vegas roadways can be safer for everyone.