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4 Tips For Driving in Las Vegas Construction Zones

Construction zones on the road may be annoying as a driver, but they serve a beneficial purpose. In the end, the repairs and safety additions, such as lighting, reduce the number of accidents on the road. This will be the case for east Tropicana Road, which will undergo construction starting in August and ending next fall, reports KTNV.

However, during the upgrade process, accidents are likely to happen because drivers may not know how to drive safely through the area. Follow these tips to reduce the chances of a collision in a construction zone.

1. Keep your distance

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, rear-end accidents are the most common in highway work zones. Avoid this by creating plenty of distance between you and other vehicles and by following the speed limit so you have enough time and room to slow down and stop when necessary.

2. Follow signs

Work zones can be confusing, so become familiar with what construction road signs mean and follow them. For example, if the lane ends and you need to merge, do so right away instead of waiting until the last minute. Remember to use your turn signal to help other motorists know you are changing lanes.

3. Move over for NDOT vehicles

You may already know to slow down and move over if possible when a flashing emergency vehicle is at the side of the road. Did you know that the law also applies to NDOT vehicles with flashing lights? Failing to reduce your speed and change lanes qualifies as a misdemeanor.

4. Stay alert

None of these tips will be effective if you are distracted while driving. Place your phone in an inaccessible place or use an app that turns off notifications while you are on the road. If helpful, turn down music and eliminate other distractions so you can pay attention to traffic, signs and flaggers. Doing your part not only will lower your accident risk but also absolve you of liability if a collision still occurs.