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Failure to Yield Collision Claims

Failure to yield is a leading cause of traffic accidents
Failure to yield the right-of-way is a leading cause of traffic accidents in Nevada.

A failure to yield is when a driver does not yield to the right-of-way of another driver. When a driver does not yield, they are extremely likely to cause an accident. This is what we call a failure to yield collision.

In Nevada, failure to yield the right-of-way is the leading cause of traffic accidents. They make up about 15% of the country’s accidents. As a driver in Las Vegas, you must always be alert of your right-of-way and those of others. The state of Nevada created Chapter 484B, also known as The Rules of the Road, to define several road laws and when a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist has a right-of-way.

When to Yield to Others

The Rules of the Road have stated that you should yield in these situations:

  • A vehicle that enters an intersection and has no lights or traffic signals first, gets the right-of-way.
  • If two vehicles approach an open intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the right has the right-of-way while the car on the left yields.
  • Follow the traffic signs – stop at stoplights or stop signs, yield when there is a yield sign.
  • Yield for pedestrians walking across designated crosswalks.
  • Vehicles must yield to bicyclists or scooterists. They also must not enter or stop within designated bicyclist lanes except:
    • In an emergency
    • To avoid conflict with other traffic
    • Operating or parking a disabled vehicle
    • In compliance with the direction of a police officer
    • Entering/exiting an alleyway or driveway

Understanding when you need to yield will ensure everyone’s safety. Failure to yield can result in severe injury, heavy fines, or a misdemeanor. There will be instances where someone else does not yield when they should have. If you get into an accident with someone who did not yield, you must be able to prove that you are not at fault. In certain situations, who had the right-of-way will not always be obvious. Make sure you take plenty of photos and call the police to file a police report. Before talking to your insurance company, contact an accident lawyer to pursue your entitled compensation.

Failure to Yield Accident Causes

These types of accidents are often caused by someone not paying attention to the laws of the road or to their surroundings. This can mean the person was texting or on the phone with someone, eating, drinking, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they may just be inexperienced. Any of these situations may be the cause of failing to yield to any traffic signals or laws. Failure to yield accidents are caused by many different circumstances.

Las Vegas, Nevada takes failure to yield accidents very seriously and if someone is found guilty of yield failure, they are issued a minimum $350 dollar fine along with a misdemeanor and points on their driving record. If a person reaches 12 or more points in a year, the DMV will suspend their license for 6 months. For more information on the Nevada demerit point system, check out the Nevada DMV website for a list of codes.

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