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Police Reports After Car Accidents

Police report after a car accident
A police report makes proving your case to insurance companies or lawsuits a lot easier.

When you’re in a car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada, other than ensuring you and/or passengers are well, one of the first things you should do is call the police. If you call the police, even if you are in a minor accident, the officer will create a report to document what happened at the scene. Their reports usually contain driver statements, all drivers’ license information, witness statements, and insurance information. A police report makes proving your case to insurance companies or lawsuits a lot easier. It’s important to get this document as soon as you can because it will allow you to receive your entitled financial compensation in the event you’re in a lawsuit.

While you may have the police report in hand, it is important to note that insurance companies will be the ones to determine who is at fault for the accident. The police report gives them the information needed to determine who is at fault while they conduct their own crash investigation. Police reports do not place liability on any person, but they will likely say who the officer believes to be at fault. Don’t fret if you are believed to be at fault. The reporting officer is usually not a direct witness and thus can’t say what happened for sure. The document is simply a summary of the accident. This is why photos are so important to collect in your case. Photos make it easier for all investigating parties to determine what happened.

It is still imperative that you receive your police report because it allows your accident attorney to know what the police believe happened. If it is believed to be your fault, your attorney will be able to create a plan of action based on witness accounts and evidence supporting their claim. Your attorney wants to help you! The police report is the first step to getting your entitled compensation.

How to Find Your Police Report

While the police officer is taking your information and statement, give them your contact information. When you’re able, ask them when you can expect the accident report to be ready so you can pick it up. The pickup date will vary and depending on the department, you may be able to collect the report online. Sometimes the pickup date is a few days from the accident, other times it can be a month. Check-in with the police department around the estimated time to see if the report is available. If you’re unable to receive your police report online or through the police within the appropriate timeframe, you may go to your local DMV. They will tell you how to get a copy of your accident report.

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