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Recovering from a Car Accident – How We Can Help

When it comes to physically recovering from a car accident, the best thing you can do is give yourself time to heal and follow the advice of your doctor. Obviously, a lawyer isn’t able to help you in this respect.

But there is a lot that a good attorney can do for you during this time to reduce your stress and to ensure that all of your legal options stay open to you. Here are some of things that Dimopoulos Law Firm can help you with while you work to regain health after a serious car accident:

Navigating Insurance Matters And Advocating For You

Insurance companies and even some health care providers can be callous during what is a very difficult time for you and your family. You shouldn’t have to spend your time and energy chasing down paperwork and waiting hours on the phone to get answers and immediate help from your insurance company.

As your attorneys, we can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies throughout the claims process. We will work to expedite the process and ensure that the funds you receive are fair and appropriate.

Guiding You Through Litigation

You may be seeking compensation from the at-fault driver as well as the insurance companies. We will file paperwork for you, keep you informed of important timelines, help investigate the details of the accident and negotiate a settlement (if the other party is willing to negotiate). We will take the time to carefully quantify the full costs of your injuries and other expenses related to the accident.

Through it all, we will confer with you to make sure you understand and approve of what is being proposed.

Because we work on contingency, there is very little risk involved in hiring a lawyer. We don’t get paid until we help you recover compensation.

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