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Be Careful About Social Media Posting After a Car Accident

Car and bicycle accidents occur every day around Las Vegas. Local news affiliate 8 News Now recently offered some simple tips you should follow after a car accident, such as calling 9-1-1 immediately after the collision because you never know how severe the damages can be at first.

You may feel tempted to let all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know what you just experienced, but you need to think twice. Social media can harm a car accident claim, so you should be extremely cautious about how you use social media in the aftermath.

Set privacy settings to the highest level

In the event this case goes to court, you can be reasonably sure the other driver’s insurance and legal teams will look you up on social media. You do not want them to find anything, so make sure only your closest friends can see your posts. During this time, you want to avoid accepting any new friend requests because it could be the other driver’s lawyer trying to get access to your information.

Do not post anything about you enjoying events

There are plenty of fun activities around Las Vegas. You may have sustained an injury but still feel well enough to go out to enjoy a concert or event. The other driver’s legal team can use those pictures and posts to say that you are not as badly hurt as you initially claimed. Basically, you do not want to show you are out “enjoying” life shortly after an auto accident.

Tell family and friends not to post anything about you or your accident

You may know to stay off social media, but the same may not apply to your family members and friends. It could be that your loved ones do not see the harm in posting an update about your condition, but the other driver’s team can easily find these posts. Tell those you are closest with to remain quiet until the claims process is complete.