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Why More Police Will Be On North Las Vegas Roads

Behaviors such as drunk driving and texting while driving get a lot of attention for causing accidents. While these definitely deserve the spotlight, they are not the only major causes of accidents. Speeding was responsible for 27 percent of traffic fatalities in 2016, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and has been around that percentage for over 20 years.

However, speeding is so commonplace that drivers often underestimate its danger. For this reason, North Las Vegas will be putting more police cars on the road during one of the busiest times of year: early- to mid-July, reports local Fox news. The goal is that the increased presence of law enforcement vehicles will deter drivers from speeding.

Why is speeding so dangerous?

Speeding is perhaps the traffic violation that most drivers are guilty of and do not think twice about unless they get a ticket. It becomes second nature to go above the limit to arrive at a destination sooner or even just go with the flow of traffic. However, exceeding the speed limit results in the following risks:

  • Becoming more aggressive on the road
  • Losing control of the vehicle
  • Having less time to stop in reaction to a hazard
  • Hindering the performance of protective gear
  • Receiving greater injuries and property damage in an accident

You can increase your safety by following speed limits and allowing for more time to travel places. When it comes to other drivers speeding, the NHTSA advises that you let them pass you and keep your distance to avoid getting into a crash if a driver loses control. Remain calm when dealing with road rage, and notify the police of any dangerous or threatening motorists. You can even alter your route to stay clear of high-speed roadways or areas with heavy traffic if it helps you relax more.