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What To Do After a Tour Bus Accident in Las Vegas

Tour buses are everywhere in Las Vegas. They are a great way for tourists to see The Strip and other surrounding sights. Unfortunately, these huge vehicles can be problematic for anyone else, including drivers of passenger cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

If a gigantic bus crashes into another vehicle or a person, the results can be tragic. For example, a tour bus crash in Las Vegas resulted in a pedestrian death in 2018. If a bus ever hits you and you survive the impact, it is vital to know what steps you should take.

Seek help right away

Get to a safe spot as soon as you can to call 911 and report the incident and any injuries. If you are in severe condition, paramedics may take you to the emergency room. Otherwise, you should either go to the emergency room yourself, make an appointment with an urgent care office or call your primary care physician.

Gather evidence

Capture as many details as possible at the scene of the wreck. Use your phone to take pictures of anything that may be relevant, such as traffic signs, stoplights and skid marks. Try to talk to any witnesses and collect their contact information. This documentation helps with insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Document your injuries and damages

Create and preserve any proof of financial losses and injuries you incur because of the collision. Collect bills and receipts that may help prove your financial damages. This may include gas bills for going to the doctor, co-pays, physical therapy bills and vehicle repair costs. You may also want to write about your pain and suffering in a journal to demonstrate how the crash continuously affects you. All this information may be useful for legal or insurance purposes.

A bus crash is a terrifying experience. But with the right tips and help, you can take steps to recover your losses.