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Minimum Insurance Requirements for Buses

Buses are one way people get to and from the Las Vegas area. One can probably travel trough the city and notice several tour buses on the road which transport passenger from state to state. Usually, these buses go by hardly noticed.

However, if one of these buses is involved in an accident, its likely going to wind up on the news. The reason is that, as is the case with other mass transit accidents, buses transport a lot of people at once, which means an accident has the potential of causing a lot of serious injuries, and this is without even considering other vehicles that might have been in the bus’s path when it crashed.

This is one reason why many bus companies which send vehicles through Nevada to the Las Vegas are required under federal law to carry extra automobile insurance in case the person driving the bus causes an accident.

Specifically, most buses and other vehicles which transport passengers for money have to carry at least $5 million in liability coverage, meaning that after any serious accident which the driver of the bus may cause, there is hopefully plenty of money to compensate victims. Smaller vehicles may only have to carry $1.5 million, simply because the vehicle’s smaller size makes it less of a potential threat.

What this means in practice is that if a person winds up getting hurt because of a negligent bus driver, he or she has legal options that have value. Before simply signing the first settlement offer that an insurance company makes, a victim may want to go over these legal options carefully with a personal injury attorney, if only to know what exactly it is that they are giving up.