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The Driver That Hit Me Fled The Scene. What Can I Do?

Q: I was injured in a Nevada hit-and-run accident. The at-fault driver fled the scene and I have no identifying information with which to find him. Am I out of luck?

A: Not necessarily. Among other things, you may be entitled to uninsured / underinsured motorist (“UM/UIM”) compensation. You should consider the policy of the vehicle you occupied as well as your own auto policy (if different from the vehicle you occupied). Assuming one or more such policies exist, you would be entitled to recover the amount by which your injury claim value exceeds the at-fault driver’s liability limit (treated as “zero” in a hit-and-run situation), up to the cumulative limits of the applicable UM/UIM policies.

Due to the limited nature of this article, I cannot thoroughly evaluate and answer the question presented. Please give my office a call (702-706-1138) for a proper consultation.