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Poor Load Distribution May Have Caused That Truck to Hit You

Perhaps you were on your way to meet a friend for lunch on the Las Vegas Strip when a large delivery truck ran a light and T-boned your sedan.

You sustained a concussion and a broken arm, and you will require occupational therapy sessions. Why did this collision happen, and who is at fault for your injuries?

What happened

The initial investigation indicates that the truck was carrying overloaded cargo, making the vehicle much heavier than normal. Overloaded cargo will put a strain on operating performance plus additional wear-and-tear on the brakes and various other components, such as the truck’s axles. Improper load distribution will result in control problems. A driver unaccustomed to the extra weight may not realize that the truck will take longer to stop, which may account for her having gone through the red light.

Other factors

Overloaded trucks are expensive to maintain, and the trucking company may not pay close enough attention to regularly scheduled maintenance. However, allowing trucks to haul heavier cargo that is not evenly distributed and prone to shifting is a safety hazard, and the company and others associated with this practice risk liability.

Fair compensation

Although commercial trucks must adhere to various state and federal regulations, overloading is a practice that continues for some companies focused on the prospect of higher profits. A thorough investigation will help determine fault. Truck-car collision cases are usually complex because fault may extend to more than one company or individual: for example, those liable may include the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, the company or individual who loaded the truck and even the person who failed to train the driver in proper loading procedures. You have every right to enjoy a safe drive in Las Vegas, but if you are the injured victim of a truck-car crash, you have the right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and more.