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I Was Injured in a Car Accident With a Police Car

Q: I was injured in a car accident in which a police vehicle was at-fault. Am I entitled to compensation?

A: Potentially yes; however, Nevada’s Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Statute provides that recovery against any governmental entity is limited to $100,000 in damages:

41.035. Limitation on award for damages in tort actions.
1. An award for damages in an action sounding in tort brought under NRS 41.031 or against a present or former officer or employee of the State or any political subdivision, immune contractor or State Legislator arising out of an act or omission within the scope of the person’s public duties or employment may not exceed the sum of $100,000, exclusive of interest computed from the date of judgment, to or for the benefit of any claimant. An award may not include any amount as exemplary or punitive damages.

There are few exceptions in which recovery may exceed $100,000.

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