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The Role Of The DMV In Your Future

In addition to issuing driver’s licenses and registering vehicles, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles handles administrative issues related to traffic tickets, license suspensions, and driver histories. While you may face civil or criminal consequences related to any moving violations, those charges frequently include administrative penalties.

The suspension of your driver’s license is not something you want to risk. The most common reason the DMV suspends driver’s licenses is the accumulation of too many
demerit points. However, you may also lose your driving privileges for any of the following reasons:

These are only some examples of situations that can jeopardize your ability to get to and from work or fulfill other family obligations. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid these with the help of a skilled lawyer who will fight to have the charges reduced or eliminated.

Your Driving Record

Convictions for certain traffic offenses and accidents remain on your driving record for up to three years. License suspensions are part of your history for 10 years. If you fail to reinstate your license, the suspension may stay on your history indefinitely. Your driving record is available to law enforcement, insurance companies, and potential employers. Seeking work that involves any kind of driving or the use of a company car becomes frustrating with moving violations in your past.

Keeping your driving record clean is a high priority for you — and it is for us, too. At Ticket Trashers, we know that many Las Vegas drivers have received tickets for speeding, running red lights, and other moving violations. Some opt to pay the fine instead of dealing with the short-term hassle of fighting the charges in court. What they do not realize is that they trade short-term hassle for long-term complications such as outrageous insurance premiums and limits on employment opportunities.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

When dealing with the administrative penalties imposed by the DMV, you may have many questions about the best way to proceed. By completing our intake form online or calling 702-706-1138, you can schedule a consultation with an attorney who is dedicated to ensuring you have the information you need to make the best choice to protect your interests. Our initial consultation is free.